I had heard about the Alpha 700 Version 2.0 firmware update even before I bought the camera and accordingly, I dutifully formatted a Compact Flash card in in the camera, downloaded the Version 2 into a folder on my computer, extracted it and transferred the APP file to the CF Card. I was going to make the firmware updated over the weekend. Anyway, this morning, I was on the Dyxum site and noticed that their Sony Alpha 700 site mentioned a Version 3.0 firmware upgrade. I thought it might be a typo, but I did go over to the Sony eSupport Site – and sure enough, they had posted the new upgrade instructions and download for Version 3.0 on Dec 20th. I’m glad I checked. I’d have updated to Version 2.0 and then have to do it all over again to Version 3.0. Thanks, Dyxum!

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