photographed with an OM-2 and Kiron 28-210mm, Fuji 200
It was beautifully warm last Saturday afternoon, and my daughter Sunayana

The Oak

Photographed with an OM-2, Panagor 90mm f/2.8 lens and Fuji 200
and I were feeling cooped up, so we took off on a grand adventure to visit the mighty Travilah Oak, and then to hike a bit along Seneca Creek off of Rifflesford road. Of course, I had my OM-2 with me, fitted with the Kiron 28-210mm Super Zoom. It’s a beat up looking lens, but the glass is wonderfully mmmmmmm. The Kiron 28-210 is probably the best of the “high ratio” super zooms. Anyway, I digress. Our first stop was at the Oak, where we duly hugged the tree, and visited for a little while. The Travilah oak is located at just outside of North Potomac, you drive west on Muddy Branch Road, until you cross the Travilah road/Glen Road Junction, and there it is – a great white Oak (Quericus Alba) that dates back to the late 1780’s, and is certified to have been around when the US Constitution was ratified. It’s a privilege to see such a tree, and even more gratifying that the electric utilities have left it alone.

Photographed with an OM-2; Kiron 28-210mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, Fuji Xtra 200
From there, we set off for Seneca Creek – we drove down Rifflesford Road until we came to the stream, pulled off to the side of the road, and the Seneca Creek green trail runs 2.5 miles to Clopper Road. Sunny was determined to whack any alligators or snakes she came across, so she armed herself with a stout staff, and we were off looking for sneaky alligators and digging for ladybugs. Its awesome to see her unbounded 4yr old’s enthusiasm for the outdoors… and it’s pretty peaceful in the woods about this time of the year. I wonder why people stay indoors even when it’s so nice out. All the better for us. Anyway, it was good to be outdoors… turned cold again on Sunday. Oh well.

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