Just getting way ahead of myself here, but my friend Cliff got me thinking about the future Alpha models, and regarding Sony’s plans for the future Alpha 900. Now, this is just my own little thought experiment, and should be treated as such.

The current A700 DSLR is 12.24 megapixels. The camera frame is large enough to accommodate a full frame sized sensor and I’m guessing that Sony designers will just need to make minor changes to the external configuration. The A700’s ergonomics are excellent, so Sony probably won’t mess with that. The will need to upsize the CMOS sensor to a full frame 35mm format sized 36mm x 24mm.

What does this mean? Currently, in the A700 which uses the APS-C sized sensor (23.5mm x 15.6mm) with surface area of 366.6 sq.mm. A full frame 35mm format is 36mm x 24mm (approx 864 sq.mm surface area) which is about about 2.35x the APS-C surface area.

Assuming they keep pixel density the same as for the A700, a full frame A900 could be a mind-blowing 12.24 x 2.35 = 28. 76 megapixels. I say COULD BE. With so much surface area to play with, Sony would be wise to reduce the pixel density further, allowing the A900 sensor to run cooler, and thus avoid hot spots (and bad pixels). I’d venture to assume that they would try to keep the A900 in the 20 – 22 megapixel range, which would give Sony a nice buffer for future marginal “improvements”

It will be interesting to see what Sony will finally settle on for the Full frame A900. I hope they can keep the cost reasonable so that amateurs can afford them as well. As for me, the A700 is probably rugged and enough for my amateurish efforts.

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