I thought I’d share my experience regarding the Alpha 700 firmware update.. I was updating from Version 1.0 to 3.0, and I was a little nervous (naturally), but I need not have worried. It went smooth as silk. I took the precaution of using a new CF card though, and I formatted the CF card ‘in camera’.

I then downloaded the executable to my computer, and doubleclicked it to get the APP file. I transferred the APP file to the formatted CF card using my computer and card reader device.

The update procedure is very simple – just put in the Card in the camera CF slot, close it, and turn the camera on while holding the menu button down. The camera reads the card, and opens the upgrade dialog. Select OK and the upgrade starts. It takes a couple of minutes, and then the camera reboots. That’s it. Its upgraded to Version 3. Happy shooting!

P.S. – I was just reminded by Matt Barber that I should remove the APP file from the CF card after the upgrade. I forgot to mention that I reformatted the card again before using it. :). Thanks, Matt. Also, I do have a couple of M42 lenses, but the bulk of my old manual lenses are Olympus mount. They should keep me busy for a while…

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