These pictures of the evening sky over the Capital region were taken from Westminster, and from near Taylorsville, MD in Carroll County, looking towards the Southwest, which puts the trails in the general direction of Dulles International Airport about 50 miles away. It was about 6 pm in the evening, and I was struck by the number of vapor trails criss-crossing the region. It was a beautiful evening, and the glow of the sunset illuminating the trails made it just perfect.

Skyscape #1 – Westminster, MD
Skyscape #2 – Westminster, MD
Skyscape #3 – Westminster, MD
Skyscape #4 – Taylorsville, MD
Skyscape #5 – Taylorsville, MD

Photographed with a Ricoh 500G rangefinder (40mm f/2.8) 1/260 sec at f/16 on Fujicolor Super HQ 200 film.

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