I visited the Empire State building again back in late September with my brother Sanjay. It was my first trip back to New York since 1998, and the post 9/11 security has ensured that it takes 3 times as long to visit the 86th Floor Observatory – because of this, people tend to stay there longer, savoring their visit… and as a result it gets really crowded up there. The lines of people waiting to get in snake all the way around the block. While I was waiting my turn to get in, and I took a few pictures.. and when I finally made it to the Observatory, I had to wait again, this time to get to the perimeter and a clear view of the city, I tried to get some pictures of the upper levels, the King Kong suite, so to speak. The camera was the Minolta, and I used my workhorse Phoenix lens with a circular polarizer. I had used Color film, but these particular shots turned out so monochromatic under the overcast sky that I decided to de-saturate the images to Black & White for better contrast. The upper levels are a forest of gray metal antennae, and color did not seem not capture their essence.

Empire State #1 – Street
Empire State #2 – Street
Empire State #3 – King Kong Suite
Empire State #4 – Perimeter
Empire State #5 – Lobby
Empire State #6 – Sanjay

Photographed with a Minolta Dynax 800si, Phoenix 28-105mm f/2.8-3.8 lens and Fuji Xtra 200 film

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