Last weekend’s snowstorm made for some great photographic opportunities, if one was willing to brave the sleet and snow and risk their precious cameras and lenses getting wet. I normally shoot with my Minolta and Olympus film cameras, but on this occasion, I used my Panasonic Digital (yes, digital) camera since it easily slips into my jacket pocket, and I can keep it dry much more easily than my other cameras.

I’ve used this little camera for years – it’s a Lumix DMC-LC20, and it has a very sweet Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT f/2.8-4 35-105mm equivalent zoom lens – I think it is probably one of the first Panasonics that offered the Leica zoom. Panasonic introduced the Lumix line in 2002, and it was a big deal back then. It’s just 2 megapixels, so it’s good for 6×4 prints at full resolution, not much more. It takes regular rechargeable AA batteries, not the fancy expensive lithium power packs. I think it just looks cool.

My daughter Sunny uses this camera these days – my way of getting her started in photography. The lens on the Lumix is very sharp, but the camera always seems to always underexpose on the auto settings when the sky is overcast or in shade. I should probably override the Auto ISO settings and use the 200 or 400 ASA settings permanently. And of course, change the white balance settings to the prevailing light as well. Too many menus to click through… I’m just lazy, I guess 🙂

Dufief Drive is my brother-in-law’s neighborhood in North Potomac, MD. It’s a well established community with mature trees and typical 80’s style houses. Due to the camera’s tendency to underexpose, I generally use it in bright sun, or with flash. In subdued natural light, I prefer to shoot use it as a black & white camera. Since this model does not have built-in Black & White setting, I have to desaturate the images later. It generally gives me satisfactory results and I use it when instant gratification is needed. Besides, its a cheap light meter.

Dufief Drive #1
Dufief Drive #2
Dufief Drive #3
Dufief Drive #4
Dufief Drive #5
Dufief Drive #6
Dufief Drive #7
Dufief Drive #8
Dufief Drive #9
Dufief Drive #10
Dufief Drive #11
Dufief Drive #12
Dufief Drive #13
Dufief Drive

Photographed with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC20 digital camera.

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