I was driving around in the countryside around Westminster last Fall when I came up on this little country road that lost itself between the trees. Intrigued, I got off the main road and drove down the country road for few miles, stopping occasionally to take a photograph of the fall colors. The paved road ended after a couple of miles, and became a gravel road which in turn ended at a cornfield, but as I approached the end of the road, I spotted this house through the trees. I stopped there for a few minutes to savor the crisp, cool air and the calm serenity of the wooded acreage. I envy the owner, what a wonderful retreat from the busy world.

I had the OM-1 fitted with a 50mm f/1.8 lens lens — which was good, since it was overcast and the light was poor. However, what little light there was shone through the beautifully colored fall leaves, and made them glow. The tall, straight trunks of the yellow poplars provided the perfect framework, and their textured bark seems to change patterns in the dim light.

I don’t think any photograph can do justice to Nature. Metal and glass lenses and chemical film emulsions are just not able to see the world as our eyes do. At best, they can reproduce an image that triggers memories for the photographer, recalling the richness of the original scene. And perhaps, fire the imaginations and inspire yearning in others who have only seen the photograph.

Door #1
Door #2
Door #3
Door #4
Door #5
Door #6
Door #7

Photographed with an OM-1, Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 lens, 1/125 sec at f/11 on Fuji Xtra 200 film. I probably would have got better results if I had opened up another stop.

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