There’s this really interesting looking twisted old blue Atlas pine right outside my brother-in-law’s front door that no one seems to like. Its covered with droopy, trailing branches covered with stiff needles that cascade down and need to be trimmed periodically. Atlas pines are often planted as an ornamental in Maryland because of the interesting shapes it takes, but no one gives any thought to what it will look like about 20 years hence, when it is much bigger, and probably sprawled right across your front door.

The landscaper or garden center guy who sells it to you probably has no clue regarding its growth habits either. This one is particularly tough, it gets very little sunshine, since it grows on the north side of the house, and is shaded by a huge red oak tree, yet seems to thrive. This past week, the sleet froze on its needles, and weighed it down, apparently with no ill effects.

I took these pictures as the ice crystals started melting. I wish I could have had some sunlight though, it would have made for some interesting effects. I used the OM-2 with the 500mm Soligor Mirror. The mirror lens is close focusing, and these were taken from about 3 feet away. Note the annular bokeh on #2.

Atlas Pine #1
Atlas Pine #2
Atlas Pine #3
Atlas Pine #4

Photographed with an Olympus OM-2, Soligor CD 500mm f/8 Mirror lens. 1/125 sec at f/8 on Fuji Superia 400 film.

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