I love trees… I love the way they change their look with every passing season, yet remain the same – serene and patient. Their branches reaching out to the sky in silent prayer, spiritual yet rooted to the earth. They are amazing, these silent giants, seemingly oblivious to us scurrying around, sometimes thoughtlessly destroying their habitat. They are my quiet companions on my hikes, providing shelter and support as I walk. I am drawn to touch and caress the rich texture of their bark, the crisp crunch of their fallen leaves on a cold winters evening. I especially love the way they look in the winter time, naked yet clean, and I can never get enough of the looking at the clouds and sunsets through their branches. When I look over my photographs, I seem to take a lot of pictures of trees, without conscious thought. Their stillness makes them easy subjects to photograph, and nature makes composition simple. There is no way to make a mistake, since all trees are beautiful.

These particular series of photographs were made with my Minolta Dynax when hiking on Sugarloaf mountain with Sunayana in December.

Silhouette # 1
Silhouette # 2
Silhouette # 3
Silhouette # 4

These were from my trip to Colorado back in October 2006. I took these pictures at the 4 Eagle Ranch with the same camera.

Colorado #1
Colorado #2 – I used this for the Blog Header

Photographed with a Minolta Dynax 800si and Maxxum 50mm f/1.7 lens. I used Fuji Xtra 200 film at Sugarloaf Mountain, and Fuji Superia 400 at the 4 Eagle Ranch in Colorado.

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