This old farm is right next to Rte 27, but it’s very difficult to pull over and photograph because the road runs downhill and curves right at that point, and it would be downright dangerous. Besides, the aspect it presents from the road doesn’t allow for good composition since there is nothing to frame the farm buildings. I turned at Shorty Hills drive instead, it’s a very narrow steep drive that leads up to a small residential community (ABAR homes). I asked a gentleman I met there if it would be okay for me to park for a few minutes and take a couple of pictures of the farm, and with his permission, I was able to walk up closer to take this shot. From where I was standing, the barn appears to be in a hollow. Its impossible to tell that a very busy State Highway runs just a few feet from the right side of the barn. The camera was an Olympus Trip 35 with Fuji 200 film.

Shorty Hills Farm

Photographed with an Olympus Trip 35 (40mm f/2.8) and Fuji 200 film

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