A few weeks ago, on one of that wonderfully, freaky warm December days that I am longing for now, Sunny and I went hiking around Clopper lake from the access point near the Dam. I forget the name of the outlook, but its a bit farther on from the boathouse and usually has better parking and fewer people around. Sunny has made up her mind that there are alligators in the lake, and that she is going to whack one on the head if it shows up near us. Accordingly, she armed herself with a stick and we set off.

As for me, I had the OM-1 with the Vivitar 28-85mm stovepipe lens and of course, the hiking supplies. Drinking water, and stuff. Clopper lake is a wonderful area to get a child started in woodland hiking and I’d recommend it highly. The Trail around the lake is just right – the lake is about 90 acres, and approximately 18′ deep. There are about 8 or 9 shallow inlets. It’s the catchment area for Long Draft Creek. I watched this couple drifting across the peaceful lake. The water was like a mirror in the late afternoon sun.

Clopper lake #1
Clopper lake #2
Clopper lake #3

Photographed with an OM-1, Vivitar 25-85mm f/2.8-3.8 lens, Fuji 200 film
Here are the directions to Clopper lake

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