Last August, I headed out west towards Taneytown on MD 140 West to see if I could find a good view of the setting sun. I took a detour and left 140 west to take Old Taneytown Road since it looked as if it had less traffic. I found this old church – Baust Church … the setting sun catches it just right, and invites you to pull off the road to take a closer look.

Pulling into the churchyard, you find that the pavement slopes up to the Cemetery. It’s a pretty old church, and is located in a very peaceful setting. However, it is the cemetery that caught my eye. It has a road that runs right through the middle, and over a hill. It’s truly the road to nowhere, don’t you think?I left my car and walked a little way up the road, past the gate so that I was standing right in the center of the cemetery road when I took these pictures.

Churches and graveyards… they always go together. It’s funny – although births are celebrated, and death is mourned, it’s only death that has a tangible presence. Life is celebrated, but not memorialized. At least, not for ordinary folk. And for those few whose deeds entitle them to mausoleums of stone to commemorate the memory of their frail flesh, the myth of the person soon takes over, and the essence of their humanity is soon forgotten. But such is life.

I did not linger there long, even though it was so peaceful and calm in the light of the setting sun – one should not disturb the peace of the dead. I’m sure that they welcome the company of the living – it must get lonely.

Baust Church

I spotted this quaint Gothic farmhouse. And you guessed it. I stopped again. 🙂

Gothic Farmhouse

I did manage to catch the sunset from Clearview Road. Just barely. had a few minutes to set up my camera. I think Clearview Road has the best view for sunsets in the entire area 🙂

Sunset #1
Sunset #2

Baust Church and Farmhouse Photos were taken with an OM-1, Zuiko 35mm f/2.8 lens, Fuji Xtra 200 film, 1/250 sec f/11 about 15 minutes before sunset. The sunset pictures were taken with the same camera and lens setup, but I used a 1/30 second exposure and a tripod.

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