The classic Olympus Trip 35 is a zone focus 35mm camera with a pin sharp Zuiko 40mm f/2.8 lens, and takes beautiful photographs especially with medium speed film. I prefer Fuji Superia 100 or 200 ASA film. You can see my collection of Olympus Trip 35 cameras here. I am still in the process of restoring some of them.

They are beautiful little cameras, and they are perfect for street photography and even landscapes. The 40mm lens is a great “bridge” focal length between the 35mm and 50mm, with almost no perspective distortion. Surprisingly, it’s also a very nice portrait camera. Olympus originally marketed it as a kind of a “visual diary” for travelers packing light. I think they even marketed a Trip Junior. There were also a series of advertisements made featuring the British photographer David Bailey back in the 70’s, although I believe that the Trip 35 sold on its own merits.

Consider the fact that it had a continuous production run from 1968-1984, with just a few cosmetic changes. And did I mention that they made 10 MILLION units?? That tells us something. I’ve several posts on here with Olympus Trip 35, check them out.

Later on, Olympus produced a series of icky plastic-bodied autofocus cameras with the Trip name, but although they may be competent cameras, they cannot hold a candle to the original Trip 35.

Here’s some examples…

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